Food Problem

Let's take the first step to recover from food addiction and meet. You can feel better in the long run if you deal with the real food issues in the short run.
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Eating Disorders

Whether you have disordered eating (as many of us do) or a full blown eating disorder, you can find recovery and relief here.
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Does it REALLY matter?

YES! Because you DO matter! Take my quiz and find out if your gut is nudging you to take action now.
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Let's Chat

While everyone's journey is different, the feelings are the same when it comes to food and weight. Shame, Guilt, Never Enough, Insignificant, Sick of Diets....
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Take the Quiz Challenge

Disordered eating, eating disorders, food addiction, food grazing, mindless eating...it's all  confounding.  Take the self-assesment to learn more about Why Nutrition Counseling is the right step to overall wellness. LEARN MORE...