Does your client have food, body image, or weight concerns?

Whether brief or ongoing, vague or concrete, the eating disorders, disordered eating, and everything in between pervades our culture. 

I can help you in a couple ways:

  1. You may need an assessment in the food, nutrition  and weight domain to gain clarity on the extent of the issue.

  2. Your client may need a little or a lot of nutrition therapy to address the issues uncovered in the assessment.

  3. I am here to help.

Saving you time…and more

Your work with the client is so important and the team approach often saves time and provides patients with comprehensive care for their full recovery.

First, if the assessment is conclusive for eating disorders, food addiction, body dysmorphia, or other related issues, your client increases their awareness of the extent of the issues and related consequences, which may augment and strengthen your current work with them.

Second, if they decide to pursue nutrition therapy, they may have cognitive improvement with nutrition improvements, and facilitate the psychotherapy process.

Thirdly, the team approach to eating disorders, food addiction, body dysmorphia disorder, and disordered eating usually benefits the client and saves time with health improvements.

Referring Clients to Me

For a Nutrition Referral:

  • Please call me with any pertinent client information if you have a signed release.

  • Let me know if there is anything specific you are looking for in the evaluation and/or ongoing nutrition therapy.

  • I will send you a written evaluation within 1-2 weeks of the appointment.

  • I will call you within 48 hours of the assessment to give you a brief summary of findings.

If you don’t have a signed release, you may simply leave me a voicemail letting me know you referred a client, the client’s first name or initials, and I will contact you as soon as I hear from them.

Questions? Feel free to call me at 704-366-9880 anytime and leave a message. I will respond within 24-48 hours.

"Recovery is about making room for the real me to exist."

-Jenni Schaeffer

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