Does it Matter?

YES! Because YOU matter!

Take my quiz below and find out if your gut is nudging you to take action now.

Quiz Questions

  1. I am comfortable with my health as it is and have enough energy to do what I want.

  2. I love how I feel in my clothes.

  3. I have confidence that my gut is healthy.

  4. I am fulfilling my life passions, both in and out of the kitchen.

  5. I know how to eat healthfully and easily do it.

  6. I can regulate my feelings (manage my emotions) with skill and ease, in a variety of ways.

  7. I like what I see in the mirror.

  8. I enjoy the food I eat. I can really taste it,

  9. I know what is in my food and understand how those ingredients work in my body.

  10. I am enough.

  11. I have a daily mindfulness practice.

  12. I know which food I like and don’t like because I have taken the time to really taste it.

If your answers to these questions have you wondering, click here.

"You either walk inside your own story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for worthiness."

-Brene Brown

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