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Many of you may have questions about nutrition counseling. Here is a rundown of what I am asked the most often. If your questions regarding nutrition counseling are not addressed on this page please contact me and I will respond within two business days.

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Call my office at 704-366-9880 or send me an email.

Nutrition Counseling and Nutrition Therapy are highly individualized services. After the initial assessment I can usually discuss my clinical recommendations for you and develop a plan of action with you. As with anything for which you may want long term results, it takes time to become your own nutritionist and effectively treat and resolve eating issues.

In general, I only weigh clients if it is medically necessary and I discuss the procedure (blind weight or not) ahead of time to avoid surprises.

I accept payment directly for my services, in the form of cash or check. At the completion of your appointment I can provide a superbill for your filing with your insurance company. Sometimes a letter of medical necessity (if appropriate) can facilitate partial or complete coverage for services. In addition, many healthcare savings accounts and pre-tax medical spending accounts provide full reimbursement for my services.

I am both a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Nutritionist. A Registered Dietitian is a nutrition professional who has completed a bachelor's degree, post-graduate internship and clinical experience, has passed a national examination, and maintains 75 continuing education hours every five years. Many states require licensure for the a nutritionist to practice. All Registered Dietitians in many states (including North Carolina) qualify for licensure for the practice of medical nutrition therapy and other related nutrition disciplines. Nutrition therapy is a process of examining thoughts and beliefs (cognitive behavioral approach) about eating and body image and how your choices are therefore affected. Ultimately, the goal of nutrition therapy is to raise your awareness about what you do, increase your mindfulness with living and eating, and end up with greater health and joy in your life.

I will be happy to discuss my fees with you either over the phone or in person when we meet. Various fee structures are available and payment is accepted by cash or check.

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